Thursday, October 16, 2008

Development updates (2008-10-17)

Hello all,

It is almost a month since the Software Freedom Day 2008 celebration and weeks since the successful webit training course. Wow! Too many FOSScitements happening around these days.

And oh boi! oh boi! ;-) yep, is opening a server-side project and hosted in Business Object Interfaces ... one of the product in webit's php-edition workshop. This project supersede the Cruxade server framework and built to accommodate XML and JSON. This, of course, in the coming time -- will work with ffehr. Cruxade will now be a framework on the client side and focus of providing tools to assist Xul developers.

I discovered a lot of wonderful features at and have come to know that it's more than just a repository hosting site .... it's a developer social network site as well. This social network aspect make it easy to interact with other developers / contributors to your project. Another good news is the improvement of bazaar; version 1.7 (to date) is really fast and I am totally impressed by the stack feature. Congrats to all the devs that contributed to this release. ;-)

Before I end, let me post an update of ffehr:

Cruxade's got a new date entry widget. :-)

The core devs are now looking into the benefit of launchpad and i have published the latest of ffehr and cruxade too.

Remember to download the latest version of bazaar.

NBJayme ;-)