Thursday, August 21, 2008


This pre-beta 3 release place a feature to handle media files (i.e. images and videos). You may now place a patient photo and test some videos/images in the imaging form.

To work with videos download the media player at

To install simply extract the tar.gz file. Download the 7zip application if your OS cannot recognize tar.gz.

Sadly, no macos releases yet. If you are interested to test and package for MacOS... email the ffehr team. :)

Here are screenshots in Linux:

Download the linux version here.

Here are screenshots in Windows:

(windows have a problem capturing the video).

Download the Windows version here.



Alvin Marcelo said...

Great work Nathaniel! do you mean the application can already work with a videocam (in Linux)?

dev freefeathers said...

hello doc alvin,

The current version may only store existing video/image file.

It is possible to capture a webcam/videocam (recognizable by vlc). I am now testing it.